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Eagle Scout Candidate Helps Beck Shine

The Beck Center has eye-catching new signage overlooking its rear entrance thanks to the help of Eagle Scout candidate Scott Legeza of Boy Scout Troop #575. You are now greeted with the center’s name in bold silver lettering against a brilliant red background. Legeza coordinated this renovation, unveiled mid-October, for his Eagle Scout project.

As a past Beck Center student, Legeza chose us as his way to “give back to the Beck” after nine years of involvement here. He started at Beck in theater classes at the age of five and has performed in several youth productions, including The Wizard of Oz and Honk! Jr., as well as with the Chamber Choir.

Legeza began his initial work on this project back in March 2010 when he met with Beck’s Larry Goodpaster to discuss potential community service opportunities. "Scott had many great ideas. We wanted to choose a project that was lasting and made a visible impact on the Beck,” says Goodpaster. “Updating our primary entrance for students and patrons seemed the perfect fit. We are grateful for Scott’s lasting gift to the Beck and the support of his troop, friends, and family."

To raise the money needed to buy the supplies for the job, Legeza organized a car wash in the parking lot of a local business. Then, after months of planning, he recruited more than 50 volunteers, including fellow Boy Scouts, Beck staff and students, family, and friends, to work on the project over several weekends in September and October.

With the project now completed, Legeza says the most valuable lesson he has learned from this experience is how to organize and lead a large group of volunteers. Soon Legeza will begin planning a special ceremony with his scoutmaster for the presentation of his Eagle Scout award. A freshman at St. Ignatius High School, he plans to continue with scouting throughout high school.

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