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Beck Student Wins Essay Contest

Beck Center choir alum Ella Calleri, a fourth grader at Hayes Elementary School, won the 2010 4th Grade Essay Contest "Why I Love Lakewood," hosted by the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. Ella's essay was chosen out of 135 heartwarming essays. Stop by Light Up Lakewood on Saturday, December 4 to cheer her on as she flips the switch with Santa.

Here is Ella's winning entry:

Why I Love Lakewood

by Ella Calleri

I love Lakewood far all the activities like sewing at Kathy's Creative Sewing Center and singing at the Beck Center.  I like Lakewood for the shops like Malley's, Walgreens and the Beer Engine because they're a short walk from my house and for the wonderful ice cream from Malley's, the trinkets from Walgreens and the giant french toast from the Beer Engine. I love Lakewood for all the schools like Hayes (my school), Harding, Garfield, Emerson, Grant and other ones.

I love if for the wonderful library that we go to every Sunday and I love it for the people that live here, my family. Lakewood is my home. I like it for the celebrations like Light Up Lakewood and the Street Walk. I love it for all of our big maple trees. I love it for all the public swimming pools with diving boards. I love it for the Metroparks that I ride my bike in. Last but not least I love it for the generous people. That is why I love Lakewood.

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