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Save a Seat, Make a Memory

Thanks to the support of people like you, the Beck Center’s Mackey Main Stage theater has witnessed many magical moments in its 35 years—from spectacular professional and youth theater productions to sparkling dance and music concerts and recitals. It has provided many special memories for patrons in the audience and given children and adult artists on the stage the opportunity to create memories for all of us.

Now is an opportunity to give back to this magical place. After 35 fabulous years, the seats in the theater need special attention. Although their structure is sound, they need to be refurbished with new upholstery. A contribution of just $75 will re-cover one of the 488 seats in the theater.

Please consider a donation to the S.O.S. - Save Our Seats campaign. The names of all donors will be listed in the lobby outside the theater, and there’s no better return of an investment of $75 than 35 years of magical moments.


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