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Hollywood Star Wows Students at Beck

Every Saturday morning, the Beck Center is filled with excitement and activity as children of all ages pour through the doors and fill our classrooms. Last Saturday was no different . . . except the level of enthusiasm was even higher as the Theater Education program welcomed Rachel G. Fox, a Beck alum and current young actress in Hollywood.

Rachel took time out of her busy acting schedule to speak to Beck theater  students and the community about her time at Beck and the road to the sound stages of Hollywood. Rachel and her mother, Victoria, answered questions posed by Beck student Tess Marjanovic and an audience of eager actors and actresses.  Rachel shared insight on the process of selecting an agent and how a wonderful and supportive family have helped in her success. She left everyone with a statement that best sums up her feelings about acting, "If you find a job that you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

Many thanks to Rachel and Victoria for visiting and sharing their stories with our students.  Look for Rachel in the Dream House, a major motion picture coming to theaters in September.

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