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Somthing Dada Improv at Beck

The Studio Theater will be filled with laughter most Saturday nights thanks to Beck's newest collaboration with Something Dada, the popular improvisational comedy troupe that now calls Beck Center their home. Each show is based on audience suggestions, meaning no two shows are ever alike.

Something Dada formed in October of 1994, taking its name from the Dada art movement of the early 1900s. All of their shows are based completely on audience suggestions, meaning no two shows are ever the same. "Dada is thrilled to be performing at the Beck. The Studio Theater is a perfect match for Dada's interactive performances, and this is a great opportunity for Dada to reach new audiences and reconnect with our theatrical roots," says Russ Stich, Something Dada's general manager and original cast member.

Tickets are $12 and they promise to sell out quickly - so don't miss out on the laughs! Something Dada shows begin at 8pm on Saturday through October 15, 2011 (except June 4 and August 13), and Saturdays thereafter when a Beck show is not taking place. Don't delay...Buy your tickets today!

While Something Dada is open to all ages, it is strongly recommended to only bring teens 13 and over. Dada performances generally at a PG-13 level in terms of language and content, but it cannot guaranteed what suggestions will be given, or what direction the show will take (it is improv, after all!). If you have any questions, please e-mail

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