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New Turovsky Mural

In collaboration with Beck Center for the Arts, art dealer and TravelArt owner Paul Sykes commissioned another, much larger, outdoor canvas art mural by internationally acclaimed surrealist artist, Natasha Turovsky that was installed on Saturday, May 12, 2012, on the west wall of the Beck Center’s Creative Arts Therapies building.

The mural, titled "Marathon", 17'x51', joins two large canvas murals by Turovksy. "Night at the Opera", 16'x33', has moved to the front facade of Beck Center's main building, joining the original mural "Beck Stage", 18'x22'. The three murals are believed to be the largest outdoor canvas mural exhibit in the country, which Sykes calls the "Natasha Turovsky Outside Wall Museum".

Mayor Michael P. Summers recognized Mr. Sykes and Ms. Turovsky for their generous artistic contributions to Lakewood in a ceremony on Saturday, May 19.

Born in Russia and now based in Montreal, Turovsky is a surrealist artist, professional musician and filmmaker whose work has been acclaimed throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Since 1996, she has held tenure with many Cleveland area exhibits and local art collectors. An award-winning movie based on her talents, “Pictures at an Exhibition," was recently accepted into the Cannes Film Festival; and Cirque du Solei hosted an art exhibit in 2006 displaying her works at their corporate headquarters.

Photo credit: Jim O'Bryan/Lakewood Observer

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