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Painted Chair Project

Women's Board creates beautiful art based on Beck Center shows

Members of Beck Center Women's Board have been busy since November working on the Painted Furniture Project - a unique fundraising venture with proceeds benefiting Beck Center. The group is hand painting and decorating donated vintage furniture with detailed artwork and unique design elements borrowed from past Beck Center shows.

The first chair in the series is inspired by Beck Center's recent holiday hit musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Tickets for the "Joseph" are $5 each and may be purchased  at Beck Center.

Led by Women's Board member and artist Janice Mastin-Kamps, who created the designs for each piece of furniture, volunteers Lee Ann Curry, Kate Mott, Karen Radcliffe, Bette Wohlgemuth, and a handful of friends have worked alongside Mastin-Kamps using their artistic talents to painstakingly paint and decorate these unique works of art. The ladies' paintbrushes tell the stories of many of Beck Center's acclaimed musical productions.

Don't miss your chance to win these unique pieces of art, while supporting the Beck Center.

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