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Group Sales – Save up to 50%

Bring your group to Beck Center for a fun night of theater or as a fundraiser for your organization!
Photo 6 - Find Your Grail - Spamalot

Bring your family and friends to a live show at Beck Center - and save!

Why Group Sales? A group theater outing with classmates, colleagues, friends or family is a perfect way to learn, socialize, and enjoy the magic of live theater. We offer discounts up to 50% for groups of 13 or more.

Need a great fundraising idea for your club or organization? Buy tickets with us at the group discount. The price is not printed on the ticket, so you can sell them at the price you wish. What a great way to raise money for your organization and support the arts in our community.

Click here for Group Sales information or call Rennie Tisdale at 216.521.2540 x28.

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