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Material Evidence Exhibit

Material Evidence: Recent Work by Six Northeast Ohio Fiber Artists

October 10 - November 9, 2014 | Jean Bulicek Galleria
Opening Reception Friday, October 10, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

SJ Garden Cycle II -det1 Each of the six Northern Ohio artists who comprise Visual Voices uses a distinct set of materials and methods in her uniquely personal work. Taken together, the work exemplifies an expansion of contemporary fiber art beyond traditional textile production to a broader exploration of concepts and processes. Traditional materials are used in nontraditional ways. New and unexpected materials are introduced. Cultural artifacts are manipulated. Techniques are adopted from other disciplines and cultures. Nature, time, other artists—even other species—are used as collaborators.

While divergent in their expression, these artists share a passion for the creative process and a commitment to it. For several years they have reinforced that commonality as they meet monthly for criticism, accountability, and support.

SYCViewers of Material Evidence will see:

  • Collaborations with silk worms by Liz Burgess
  • Innovative weaving techniques by Si-Yun Chang
  • Photographs of iron-breathing organisms, printed on cloth, by Linda Grashoff
  • Hand-dyed abstractions from nature by Sue Copeland Jones
  • Quilts with something to say about food by Ruta Butkus Marino
  • Mixed media work on the subject of drones using fiberglass by Kathleen Van Meter

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