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Scott and Pat are the BEST!

2016_Best_of_Cleve_SCENE_SquareThis election is a little different than what we are seeing on the news...but the votes are in and Beck Center's Artistic Director Scott Spence and Graphic Designer/Actor Pat Miller have received the distinction of SCENE's BEST OF CLEVELAND 2016!

We are proud of our colleagues every day, but it is especially nice to see their incredible talents recognized by SCENE's readers.

Scott, BEST DIRECTOR, "has continually offered top quality theatrical work while balancing creative risk-taking with responsible stewardship of the programming." Click for more about Scott's BEST OF.

Pat, BEST ACTOR, for his role in Bat Boy: The Musical, "It takes great skill for an actor to transform himself from one person to another. But becoming another species entirely is an even bigger challenge." Click for more about Pat's BEST OF.


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