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Best of the West 2016

Best of the West 2016BEST OF THE WEST 2016!

Best of the West: Best Dance, Music, and Theater Instruction

For eight consecutive years, Beck Center has won Best Dance and Theater Instruction. This year, we are thrilled to add Best Music Instruction to the list!

Over 200 classes, lessons, and programs are taught by talented individuals led by:

  • Ed Gallagher, Director of Education
  • Melanie Szucs, Associate Director Dance Education
  • Jonathan Kronenberger, Associate Director Theater Education
  • Matt Charboneau, Associate Director Music Education

Best of the West: Best Board Member, Mary Anne Crampton

Mary Anne has brought her best practices to Beck Center's board since 2008. She has served as chair of the sold-out 2015 Spotlight Gala, Board Resources Committee, and Strategic Planning Task Force.

We also wish to congratulate Lucinda Einhouse for receiving the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business Person of the Year!

For Cindy's role in ensuring Beck Center's viability, growth, and continued presence in Lakewood, her support of the Lakewood business and non-profit communities, and her passion for Lakewood as a a whole, the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Einhouse as their 2016 Business Person of the Year.

Take a look at the Lakewood Chamber's full announcement!

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