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Our Summer Goal

We've got a summer goal to reach more of our community through the arts - and you can help in a big way!


As we wrap up our summer, can you help us end on a high note?

Our fiscal year ends today at midnight, please join us in creating art experiences in our community by making a donation today.


Donate Today


This very special opportunity means you can help us strengthen our ability to:

  • Provide classes to people of all ages and abilities and satisfy their need to be creative, expressive, challenged or relaxed
  • Enrich the lives of children without access to the arts through scholarships and by taking our programs to at-risk communities
  • Offer fun, free events to our community where they can enjoy the arts or find hands-on inspiration
  • Expand our Creative Arts Therapies offerings and help more individuals with special needs find their voice through the arts
  • Transform our stages into different worlds and delight audiences with affordable performances that highlight local and national talent

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Beck Center today and share the arts with our community!

 If you have already made your gift or it is on the way, thank you for your great support!


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