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Inaugural Holiday Art Show

November 19, 2010 9:00AM  to  January 5, 2011 5:00PM

This month in the Jean Bulicek Gallery, the Beck Center presents the inaugural Holiday Art Exhibit highlighting seven outstanding regional artists who engage and inspire with their creativity.  Darrelle Centuori, Anizia Karmazyn, Liz Maugins, Lynn O’Brien, Patricia H. Sigmier, Marilyn Szalay, and Mark Yasenchack offer a visual feast of beautiful art for our patrons buying pleasure during the coming holiday season.

Painter Lynn O’Brien’s current work includes three different overlapping series of mixed media paintings entitled “Forms from Nature,” “Garden,” and “Letters.”  These works developed from her interest in creating more quiet and calming images with a connection to the natural world. Marilyn Szalay offers outstanding figurative drawings and Patricia Hanahan Sigmier engages the viewer with her vibrant watercolors of the natural world.

Photographer Darrelle Centuori’s work evolves from her process of “trying to find objects or situations that seem to evoke a kind of quiet magic,” and she is interested in “the resonance that occurs when unexpected elements come together and seem to have always belong to each other.”  Painter and Printmaker Anizia Karmazyn uses the deeply textured, patterned, and colorful world around her as inspiration for her work.  She also “sees parallels between the nature of the surrounding natural world and that of human experience.”

Printmaker Liz Maugins images are plucked from 1950’s children’s books, the ultimate era of perfection and idealism, which she then manipulates by contrasting these images to today’s youthful archetypes. Ceramic Artist Mark Yasenchack’s work presents a textural feast for the eyes.  Mark’s boxes and mirrors are adorned with pattern and jewel like touches of vibrant color.

Come and see this wonderful show, and maybe you will find something to bring home or to give to a loved one.

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