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Ohio Chautauqua Children’s Workshops

June 25, 2013 11:00AM  to  June 29, 2013 12:00PM

This free family-friendly event, presented by the Ohio Humanities Council and the Lakewood Historical Society combines living history, music, education, theater and audience interaction in an exciting community educational event.

The theme for this five-day event is When Ohio was the Western Frontier. Each night under the big red-and-white tent at Lakewood Park, a music presentation will kick-off the evening and conclude with a living history first-person interpretation of a pivotal figure from the Frontier Days.

During the day, children and adult “behind the scenes” workshops will take place. Children's workshops will take place at 11 am Beck Center for the Arts, appropriate for ages 7 and up. Adult workshops will begin at 2pm at Lakewood Public Library. These workshops will dig deeper into aspects of the time period.


Tuesday, June 25 - Adopted by Indians
Frontier families were terrified that their children might be kidnapped by Indians. When loved ones were killed by the White Man's disease and war, the Indians felt justified in adopting replacements. In this program, characters performer, Dan Cutler, shares information about indian culture and family traditions, and explains why many of the adoptees were so happy in their new lives.

Wednesday, June 26 - Telling a Tall Tale
Tall tales are a uniquely American art form. Using a few theater games to open everyone's imagination, character performer, Marvin Jefferson, will take participants on an imaginary adventure, creating tales taller than mountains - much like York is purported to have done in his time. In the our tall tales, the sky's the limit!

Thursday, June 27 - Inspired by Margaret Blennerhassett
Margaret Blennerhassett was known throughout the Ohio Valley for her creativity. She had a special appreciation for art, music, and poetry. Inspired by Margret's love of nature, participants will use the materials provided to create their own nature-based artwork. To complete the piece, you will do some descriptive creative writing.

Friday, June 28 - Becoming Johnny
Character performer, Hank Fincken, asks students to share their favorite stories about John Chapman, or better known as Johnny Appleseed, and discusses how we can separate fact from fiction. He also demonstrates the steps he takes to transform into Johnny. We conclude by playing theater games that reveal  how gestures and mannerisms bring historical characters to life. Don't be surprised if we discover that a little of John Chapman resides in all of us!

Saturday, June 29 - A Star Spangled Banner
In this workshop, character performer, Jeremy Meier, will lead the kids in a discussion about the history of the American flag and the writing of Francis Scott Key's poem during the War of 1812 which later became our national anthem. Participants will then create their own flags featuring the symbols that have meaning in their lives.

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