Professional Theater


Open call auditions Feb 18 from 6-9 p.m. & Feb 19 from 6-9 p.m. | Call 216.521.2540 x10 during normal business hours to schedule an appointment.

Performances July 6 - August 12

Rehearsals Begin Approximately May 26

Both Singing & Non-Singing Parts Available for actors ages 9-75

All actors 18 and older receive a stipend for their participation.

Two anticipated AEA contracts will be offered | SPT---Small Professional Theatre Contract.

EMC (Equity Members Candidacy) Points/Weeks available for this production! (likely 11 or 12 total)


  • Book by Arthur Laurents
  • Music by Jule Stein
  • Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
  • Director: Scott Spence
  • Musical Director: Larry Goodpaster
  • Choreographer: Martin Cespedes


Considered by many to be THE gold standard of American Musical Theatre, GYPSY spins the tale of a time where the death of Vaudeville was imminent, and its much more lascivious cousin Burlesque was poised to take the reins. Mama Rose is determined to vicariously live the star-branded life she never had through daughters June and Louise as they go from town to town searching for their big breaks. Once it finally happens for Louise (having adopted the stripper persona of Gypsy Rose Lee) Rose's life begins to crumble as she comes to terms with the answer to 'Who was it all for?'

What To Prepare:

If you are auditioning for a singing role, please prepare one brief song (60 to 90 seconds) ideally from the Musical Theatre canon. Bring sheet music in your key. An accompanist will be provided for you. If auditioning ONLY for non-singing tracks, please either prepare a brief (60 seconds is fine) monologue OR be prepared to sight read a provided piece at your audition. Any dance for the show will be done as part of the callback process, which will be the weekend of Feb. 24/25, times TBD.


All roles for this production of GYPSY are open.

Adult Roles. Age indicates ideal character range

  • Mama Rose (age 45 to 55)
  • Herbie (Act Manager and Rose's love interest. 45 to 60)
  • Older June (Rose's darling. 16 to 21. Must dance well, incl. splits and tap)
  • Older Louise (Who will become Gypsy Rose Lee. 17 to 22)
  • Tulsa (Part of the Vaudeville act. Elopes with June. Male. 17 to 22. Strong tap skills)
  • L.A. (Part of the vaudeville act. Male. 16 to 21. Solid dancer. Some tap)
  • Yonkers (Part of the Vaudeville act. Male. 16 to 21. Solid dancer. Some tap)
  • Angie (Part of the Vaudeville act. Male. 16 to 21. Solid dancer. Some tap)
  • Agnes (Hollywood Blonde act. Female. 17 to 22. Solid dancer)
  • Marjorie May (Hollywood Blonde act. Female. 17 to 22. Solid dancer)
  • Dolores (Hollywood Blonde act. Female. 17 to 22. Solid dancer)
  • Thelma (Hollywood Blonde act. Female. 17 to 22. Solid dancer)
  • Gail (Hollywood Blonde act. Female. 17 to 22. Solid dancer)
  • Tessie Tura (Burlesgue stripper w/ Ballet Gimmick. 30 to 45)
  • Mazeppa (Burlesque stripper with Trumpet Gimmick. 30 to 45)
  • Electra {Burlesque stripper with Electrics Gimmick. 30 to 45

Non-singing roles:

  • Uncle Jocko (Male. 40 to 60. Washed up Vaudeville Master of Ceremonies)
  • Georgie (Male. 18 to 35. Jocko's Assistant)
  • Pop (Male. 65 to 75. Rose's Father
  • Rich Man (Male. 35 to 50. Driver of touring car)
  • Weber (Male. 40 to 65. Los Angeles Theatre Manager)
  • Kringelein (Male. 45 to 65. Akron Hotel Manager)
  • Mr. Goldstone (Male. 45 to 65. Representative of the Orpheum Circuit)
  • Miss Cratchit (Female. 30 to 45. Secretary at Grantziger's Palace)
  • Cigar (Male. 40 to 60. Theatre Manager in Wichita)
  • Pastey (Male. 20 to 35. Stage Manager in Wichita
  • Renee' (Female. 20 to 35. Louise's Maid)
  • Phil (Male. 30 to 45. Louise's Press Secretary)
  • Bourgeron-Cochon (Male. 30 to 50. Photographer)
  • Various Other Ensemble as well (Male and Female. 17 to 70)

NOTE: Most Adult roles (aside from Rose, Herbie, Adult June and Adult Louise) will be doubled.

Kid's Roles. Ages 9 through 12

  • Baby June (Female. Must sing and dance, incl. splits and tap)
  • Baby Louise (Female. Must sing and be a capable mover)
  • Balloon Girl (Female)
  • Clarinet Boy/Boy Scout Vaudeville act (Male. Must sing and move well. Clarinet a plus, but will teach)
  • Tap Dancing Urchin/Boy Scout Vaudeville act (Male. Must sing and move well. Some tap)
  • Little Boy Scout/Boy Scout Vaudeville act (Male. Must sing and move well)
  • Dutch Boy/Boy Scout Vaudeville act (Male. Must sing and move well)
  • Dutch Girl (Female)
  • Assorted Audition Kids (Male and Female)

Note: Kids may possibly only be in Act One. This is TBD.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to Scott Spence at scottdavidspence@gmail.com.

Beck Center Youth Theater

May 11-20, 2018 | Mackey Theater

Audition Flyer | Audition FormLearn more about this production and show times.  | Introduction to the Audition and Rehearsal Process | Auditionee Letter 

Auditions are open to students ages 6 – 19.*
Auditions: Saturday, February 10 & Sunday, February 11, 2018
Callbacks: Monday, February 12, 2018

*Students must be enrolled in the same semester that the show performs in to be eligible to participate in the production.  You do not have to be enrolled at the time of auditions.

The 2017-18 Youth Theater Season is presented by the Mort and Iris November Philanthropic Fund.

*Please Note: Youth Theater roles are only eligible to Beck Center students who will be enrolled in the semester that the show performs. Actors do not need to be enrolled at the time of the auditions. Students enrolled in a Beck Center's Dance, Music, and Visual Arts departments are equally eligible. Learn more: Introduction to the Audition and Rehearsal Process