The Member of the Wedding

October 4 – November 3, 2019

The Member of the Wedding

Show times are 8 p.m. Fridays & Saturdays | 3 p.m. Sundays

Studio Theater

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Based on Ms. McCullers’ novel and two movie adaptations, this is the story of a young awkward outcast, overly ambitious in all she does, finding her way as her family undergoes deep changes. A feminine and Southern story, akin to Catcher in the Rye. We can all relate to that feeling and need to belong-- as the member of something.

Creative Team

  • Written by Carson McCullers

  • Directed by Eric Schmiedl 

Presented through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

There aren’t many opportunities to see McCullers’ work on the stage and they are never to be missed.
— The Berkshire Edge


The Member of the Wedding
by Carson McCullers

Sunday, July 28th and Monday July 29th beginning at 5PM

By Appointment Only! Call 216-521-2540 ext 10

DIRECTOR: Eric Schmiedl
FIRST REHEARSAL: Late August, 2019
OPENING: October 4, 2019
CLOSING: November 3, 2019
THEATRE: Studio Theatre
SETTING: A small town in rural Georgia.
TIME: August, 1945.

Sides will be available at the auditions. No monologues needed for these open call days.

2 AEA contracts are available for this production. All non AEA performers 18 years of age

and older will be stipend-ed for their participation.

Winner of the New York Drama Critics Circle Award: At the suggestion of her friend Tennessee Williams, Southern writer Carson McCullers adapted her novella The Member of the Wedding into a touching and poignant play that was an enormous success when it opened on Broadway in 1950, and has long since become a classic of the American theater.

With compassion, veracity and wit, in The Member of the Wedding Carson McCullers depicts the intrinsically enmeshed lives of whites and blacks in the American South. Julie Harris became a star playing the awkward, twelve-year-old tomboy Frankie Adams, who falls deeply in love with her older brother and his fiance. Exhilarated by her naive conviction that being a member of their wedding means she will become what she calls the "we of me," Frankie is devastated when she learns she is not invited on the honeymoon. Bernice Sadie Brown, who has experienced a lifetime of love and loss, is a surrogate mother for Frankie. Portrayed on stage and in the film versions by the great Ethel Waters, Bernice is an epic character, fiercely loyal, down-to-earth, and centered by deep faith.  

BERENICE SADIE BROWN: Female. 40’s – 50’s. African American.
Smart. Resourceful. Intuitive. Bright.
She has survived the complex and often cruel forces of
American society in the early part of the 20 th Century with her
optimism intact. Employed by Mr. Addams to address the
multitude of day-to-day family needs, she serves as Frankie’s
surrogate mother.

FRANCIS (FRANKIE) ADDAMS: Female. 12. Caucasian.
Passionate. Sensitive. Articulate. Awkward.
With one foot in childhood and the other foot in the world of
adults Frankie is desperate to discover her place in the world.
She is equal mixtures of reckless confidence and crumbling

JOHN HENRY WEST: Boy. 7. Caucasian.
Sensitive. Playful. Impressionable.
Frankie’s little cousin, he possesses the heart of an artist as he
interprets the world through his wire-rim glasses.

HONEY CAMDEN BROWN: Male. 30’s. African American.
Passionate. Artistic. Stubborn.
A gifted musician he is ready to bust loose or die. He is
Berenice’s foster brother.
T.T. WILLIAMS: Male. 50’s. African American.
Stately. Polite. Cautious.
He is a church deacon and community leader.

JARVICE: Male. 20’s. Caucasian.
Stiff. Guarded. Well-meaning.
Frankie’s older brother and Janice’s fiancé, he has been in the
army for several years, stationed in Alaska.

JANICE: Female. 20’s. Caucasian.
Kind. Naïve. Eager.
Jarvice’s finace, she is eager to make a good impression.

ROYAL ADDAMS: Male. 50’s. Caucasian.
Quiet. Lonely. Lost.
Frankie’s father, he has been a widower for many years and
has retreated into this position. He often keeps long hours at
his jewelry shop, leaving Frankie on her own a lot of the time.

PET WEST: Female. 40’s. Caucasian.
Overworked. Thoughtful. Kind.
John Henry’s mother and Mr. Addam’s sister, she is a
sensitive soul with a sweet smile.

BARNEY MacKEAN: Male. 13. Caucasian.
Barney is a young athlete.

HELEN FLETCHER: Female. 13. Caucasian.
DORIS: Female. 13. Caucasian.